Another life 


              We met in 2009, then married in 2014, had our first little boy on August 14, 2015, which is called Kalyan, then the second follow shortly after, March 26, 2017 which is named Kaès.
               Sebastien and Estelle, that's who we are, was born in 90 while she was 92 in her twenties. Sébastien has been organic marketer since 2014 after several attempts at completely different trades. Estelle is on maternity leave, she worked at the factory being younger, which did not help her with her health, a kidney disease that doctors say irreversible, then became home help to elderly people by the following.
                We live normally, sometimes in the galley and sometimes a little better, like most of those in "bottom" of our generation actually, finally when we tell you we live, in fact we survive, because always more compressed by capitalism and its world of finance ...
               But since the birth of our first son, we have changed, as all parents I think, our only concern was his future, what was his future, our determination was only accentuated with the arrival of the second ...
               So to start we had moved into the countryside, our first project was to produce vegetables and bread and pastries (we found a house with a wood oven), to redistribute all at free price, because for us life does not have to have a price. But we quickly realized that few understood us and our lack of means.
               This project of Another life, it trotted in the head of Sebastien since a few years already, but it was Estelle who one morning decided to leave everything and leave, Why would you say to me?

Why this new life?

               When you realize this life we ​​live in everyday life that it is horrible, locked up most of the time, conditioned in the fear of the other, in the fear of the unknown. We should not be afraid to live! This bitumen, these buildings, all these frequencies, this massacre of animals so useless, and we pass ...
               In the end we realized that the basis is never to hate, not to have jealousy towards the other, no remorse because life is only experience, not the least fear, all these negative feelings especially not the cultivate because it eats us from the inside. We must instead bring love, compassion, trust, altruism, fraternity, humanism, that's what makes us touch life.
               We did not want Kalyan and Kaes to grow up in a world where we are no longer masters of our lives, and in the end do not know anything about the value of his own life, of all life.
               So we decided to go on a horse-drawn caravan, separate ourselves from everything that is material, and make our life a trip around the world, to reconnect with nature, to meet extraordinary people, to learn from others, to see indescribable landscapes. , live our dream simply.

How to do it ? 

                We met a great person, Jacques Solé, who manufactures trailers and wants to make us a tailor made for our trip, handmade, with engravings and paints hands also, normally its sales prices are very high you doubt.
               For us he has agreed to do us against service rendered, that is to say, by giving him a hand in his projects and in his company in exchange for the trailer. But at the moment for us to leave, the mother of Estelle agreed to help us with the financing of the trailer which accelerated the project considerably, so that we could make the tour of France that we had planned. It's out of love for her daughter, or afraid to see her go, she who unfortunately has a shorter hourglass.
               We call for solidarity to help us accomplish this project, in return to thank this solidarity we agree to share this new life. We will regularly take pictures and videos of the landscapes but especially people we meet. Share the different cultures that can exist because if you do not try to understand others, you end up being afraid of them, while learning from others and the very basis of your own evolution. But also to prove to those who are afraid of the unknown, of others, that not humanity is not lost, and that man is good in his nature.
               It is also for this new life that we separate ourselves from everything we possess, preferring altruism to mass consumption. But donations and the sale of everything we have will suffice? In any case we will leave!

And how to acquire the skills? 

               The best way to learn is to live.
               So we decided to have the trailer delivered to the place where our team training will take place, so we will learn the necessary before departure. We acquired a pair of draft horses, two comtoise! Alizé the leader, and Arcane, we will also repatriate to the place of training in St Benin d'Azy.
          So the time to leave definitely, we will gain skills on the team, in affinity with our horses, and we will get used to the life in trailer.
Once we feel ready, the big departure, we stop giving specific dates, because this is not obvious in our project, especially with the delay we took (more than a year and a half late) .
          On the roads, we expect to meet as many craftsmen as possible, from blacksmith to cabinetmaker, so that we can acquire new skills, and be able to share them again.

The « journey » 

               We would leave France, the castle of Guerche (37350) for more precision, the journey from the training site to the castle will be our test, in condition, to be able to leave serenely to a tour of France of about 3 years .
During this tour of France, we will get closer to schools to explain to children the cultivation of plants, through small vegetable gardens in permaculture, trying to leave a mark in each school. In addition to showing an alternative life in the villages by animating evenings bringing us closer to nature. More details in the tab "Workshops"
               We would then continue with the other countries of Europe, where we should travel for a minimum of 5 additional years, always share these moments and these meetings by small videos.
Once Europe has been traveled, we would go to India, or Africa according to the world situation, how can we forecast wars years in advance?
               So you will understand that the first years of this way of life are geographically identifiable, and the further we go in time, the more unstable it is to predict where we will go, it is our life in the end, and only our fate will tell us .

A goal ? 

               This trip to several goals, but all are related to each other:
-To teach our children another way of life, different from mass education, closer to nature, out of competitiveness and finance.
-Make a message of humanism, peace, the fear of others, prove that most people are good and just, that in the end only five percent are bad and they terrorize the rest by themselves. A message of hope.
-Realize a dream of freedom, feel in harmony with oneself, do not feel conditioned by capitalism and its madness of consumption, finance and all that it follows.
-Learn to others, because every day is learning, and until that end.

Thank you 

               Thank you for taking the time to read us, hoping that you understand us, do not hesitate to contact us or even meet us because the human contact is much better anyway.
               If you wish to support us, we thank you in advance.

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