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The collection for Alizé & Arcane necklaces is successful!

Thank you to all participants !!




The translation of the website is in progress, thank you for your patience.

November 25, 2018:

A united people will never be defeated! K. A.
We still support the popular movements (against the system in place of course), so yes we support the Yellow Vests, we see a union below political opinions, and that's what scares the government !
Do not let go of anything and above all, the change begins with yourself, your daily acts, the places of your expenses, etc ...
If not the news: Well we spend the winter quiet, some trolley rides otherwise we wait March for a final departure.
The Monk family
PS: The covered wagon will be on sale from February, for more details do not hesitate to contact us.


September 22, 2018:

Photos, a brief summary of an incredible story, the crossing of trailers! It's in the blog!


September 09, 2018:

Since Tuesday, September 4th, Emeline & Eric, seasonal rider, we have progressed a lot in our project! A big one to them for their patience and the sacred boost.

In addition, the surprise is that since mid-August we have retrieved a small covered wagon to train with the girls.

To return to our stay in the Nièvre, we are very disappointed with our training in the team at St Benin d'Azy, because we were duped by Mr. Emmanuel G., who by the way is not ashamed to always propose formations !

However, if you want to go on a trailer with some notions (we do not always have the chance to find a person who can train us) we advise you to redirect to Lena Cahone! She offers interesting courses for future roulottier! His site here!

More details in the blog!


June 27, 2018:

News, the sequel soon! We did not stay at the Arnac Fourneraye, so we came to La Petite Guerche. Currently we are looking for land to land with the trailer and the mares, but are already on several tracks.

We admit that we do not yet have the necessary experience for a hasty departure, and in life we ​​must know how to take our time, it avoids mistakes.
Another big thank you to Dom, who made us a great drawbar, the mares had no trouble placing themselves but we realized that we still lacked a little bit of material, and especially of practice, that we will eventually acquire.
Some key doors are almost finished and postcards are already posted!


March 29, 2018:

We arrived safely, more than 5 hours to load the trailer on the plateau, more than 5 hours of roads. The mares were great and came back live in the van!

Good for the moment not too much internet, it is necessary that one settles down, you will soon have news of us, in any case we are very well or we arrived!
Ps: Well there are things to review on the trailer, it will have to see that with Jacques!


March 26, 2018:

Last minute update, the solution is found!

We are looking for a truck VL to transport Alizée & Arcane emergency, with a hitch to pull the trailer (or better with tank door but do not dream).

We would like to return to La Guerche, departure from St Benin d'Azy 280km approximately. Possibility to rent obviously, or to exchange if needed manpower.

Before long an explanatory post, but to be brief, Denis Canelle who had to receive us in the Jura is broken the leg the day before our departure. Christophe Dugois had other solutions to go in the Jura, but there are some finishes to make on the trailer before departure and Dominique Broc will help us polish it, so much to come home!

March 18, 2018: 

It is a pleasure to share our project of life, which moreover to go beyond the stage of the project since we are the feet full in it!
Our atypical way of thinking, based on sharing & self-giving, mutual help, forgiveness, makes us look utopian, but as everyone can do their part, we prefer to change ourselves and challenge ourselves every day, no matter how it looks!
On our website visitors from France of course, but also from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Romania, Guatemala, Madagascar, Thailand, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain.
In fact since the creation of the site in September 2017 we have exceeded the thousand of visitors (1104 precisely at this hour we visited, and 80% returned)
Apparently the way of life you are headed for you please, so we are looking for someone to translate our main texts into English and / or Spanish! This year we hope the website in several languages!

March 15, 2018 : 

The purpose of our site is to show the solidarity that there can be, the mutual help and the gift of oneself, us or the others ...
Our relationship to money? In short, our time is not money! This is our life time, and that's what we change ... We want to give our time, against services ... Work does not scare us, far from it! Simply work to acquire knowledge or skills for us more values ​​than money ...
If you change your life, it's because individualism and everyone for yourself in today's world saddens us, and we try to do things differently, we try ...
We make mistakes constantly, necessarily learns from life, until the last breath ...